My Summative Entry

The Nineteenth Century gives me real insights into human and social issues that are still current in the 21st century.

This semester I feel has been a bit of a roller coaster. Yet I think that studying this topic in literature was a saving grace. I was introduced to the everlasting art and literature of the Romantic and Victorian ages. I discovered that although the works were produced centuries ago, they are very much still relatable to the concerns of the 21st century. During these hard times the poets, novelists, dramatists and artists helped me understand that even though I can’t be completely free, soon I will have the ability to a enjoy the outdoors with a deeper consideration for nature. Being in a sort of lock-down, I feel as a society we have had a chance to move away from our industrialised lives and rediscover the simple natural wonders of the world around us.

The works of the Nineteenth century largened my outlook of the point the authors were highlighting, which I believe still exist in the 21st century. For my second blog,, I explored William Wordsworth’s sonnet “The World is too much with us” and how it applies to the 21st century. When studying this poem, I was in utter fascination with the work of Wordsworth. I enjoyed how he conveyed such a meaningful message. While writing about this sonnet, I was able to view what Wordsworth thought of his society’s attentions at the time. Most notably, the societies absent consideration for nature. Wordsworth’s disappointment in humans disregard of nature most definitely is evident in our current time. However, due to the virus catastrophe, I believe our consideration for the simple things in life has been heightened.

My best blog,, I wrote about my encounter with a gypsy and how it showed me what my life was missing. This, I believe, is my best blog because I had the chance to reflect on an experience I had when I travelled. Although right now we are unable to travel, it was terrific for me to be able to have an opportunity to recount my contact with a gypsy. During this blog, I was able to see deficiencies in my life. I was able to expand my interaction with the natural beauty of life and free my imagination. I appreciated this task greatly and will bless it upon my students one day. It allowed me to think critically and also enabled me to create a sort of diary with my opinion on this topic.  

Doing peer reviews allowed me to not only help others improve but also expand my knowledge of how my peers have understood Nineteenth century literature we have been studying. The peer review that I conducted on Caitlin’s blog,, was wonderful. Her blog was a fantastic analysis of one of the first Romantic poet, William Blake and his work ‘The Garden of Love’. This poem was one of my favourites this semester, not only am I grateful to be introduced to it, but I am also thankful for being able to view how others interpret their meaning of the poem. Performing peer reviews allowed me to discover that the issues in the Nineteenth century are still current in the 21st century; that there is a multitude of personal and social issues that affect each mind of every individual differently and doing peer reviews highlighted this perception.

Overall, blogging has been an experience that has excited me in times where it was very much needed. It allowed me to explore my peers work, enabling me to view others understanding of the works we studied. In doing so, I feel I was more enlightened towards appreciating the power that poetry has in illustrating societal issues that are very much relevant today. I was able to heighten my appreciation for my natural surroundings and learnt to keep my mind kind and happy. Although it is unfortunate that these issues of ignorance towards nature are still prevalent today, I think it is wise to note that poetry is just one example that illustrates that there are people who care about our environment and self-wellbeing.

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